A moment in history


A moment in history



TSW Month 27. Part 2.

What living with eczema / tsw looks and feels like. I would call myself body confident but when it comes to my skin I spend most of my time hiding it. It’s not just the stares and comments, it’s living with a skin barrier so compromised that you are constantly aware of it. Minute temperature change? You’re suddenly itchy. Label in the back of your shirt is scratchy? You scratch your neck til it’s bleeding. Absentmindedly scratched your elbow? Collection of dead skin all over your keyboard at work. Washed your hands with soap? Tight dry itchy skin until you get moisturiser on them.

Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos San. I don’t think I could do it. More people need to know what living with eczema and tsw is like.

eczema is a fucking bitch i hate it. you spend most of your time avoiding certain clothes because as soon as people see your skin you get the stares and the questions and the people whispering to their friends how ugly it looks. being itchy all the time is so horrible and only made worse when you make yourself bleed. 





That hair has to be supernatural. It ALWAYS looks amazing

Jensen’s face tho.

it’s just

it’s like an au 

Jensen’s just being jared 

and jared is being jensen 

the hair though

seriously does it always look good

okay but it actually explodes from under his beanie


Hold me close. Beauty and the Beast (1991)


I don’t think strippin and Watson are getting along well lately

But the rose has already begun to wilt!

But the rose has already begun to wilt!